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Locksmith Pickering
Modern access control systems provide a flexible but high security way of ensuring the right people have access to the right areas of your property. Locksmith Care supplies and specializes in stand-alone security systems and access control centralized using a PC or cloud-based app. These include voice and video entry systems as well as pin-code, fingerprint and swipe card operated locks. Whatever your security needs, our trained staff can help you control who goes where, restrict access to rooms containing valuable assets and integrate your access control with other systems such as CCTV or intruder alarms.

The sectors we service


Theft and vandalism can spell disaster for a business but any security system you install must be discreet enough to make your customers feel welcome. By assessing your security needs and identifying the weaknesses in your current security system, we can design a personalized solution to give you total control of access to your premises. We specialize in all aspects of commercial security systems including centralized and integrated magnetic door locks, vandalism-resistant cameras and security grilles.



Some things you possess are invaluable but only too often, we wait until the worst happens before we realize the importance of a robust home security system. Even the highest quality locks can only go so far when it comes to protecting your property. Protect your valuables and loved ones with a security system that also acts as a visible deterrent. Locksmith Care servicing Pickering and much of the Greater Toronto Area specializes in intruder alarms, high-end access control systems and high security door locks, window locks and padlocks.

Schools and other institutions

If you run a school, hospitality business or sheltered housing facility, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of people under your roof. Protected car parks, lockdown against intruders and access control to allow staff into authorized areas during their shifts are all pretty standard measures that we can help with to secure your premises. In addition to access control, Locksmith Care also provides a 12-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year emergency locksmithing service. We take great pride in our experience and technical know-how when it comes to supplying and fitting all locks. If you get locked out of your house or you need to improve security around your business, call us now for a free survey or affordable emergency locksmithing.

Locksmith Pickering
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