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Locksmith Markham
​Markham, home to over 332,000 people, is one of the fastest growing municipalities centrally located in the Greater Toronto area. More than 900 life science and technology companies have their Canadian headquarters located in Markham including Hyundai, American Express, Apple Inc., Oracle and Toyota Financial Services owing to its vibrant neighborhoods, educated labor, pro-business environment and high quality facilities including communication and transportation. And at the heart of it all, in a city comprised of six major communities, including Buttonville, Markham Village, Milliken, Cornell, Unionville and Thornhill, Locksmith Care provides an affordable, professional and hassle-free locksmithing service.

About Locksmith Care

A family-owned and run experienced locksmithing business servicing the Greater Toronto Area, Locksmith Care has been providing professional locksmith services to the residents and businesses of Markham since 2010. We pride ourselves on our expertise when it comes to locksmithing and no matter what emergency or security needs you have, we offer our clients the guarantee that we are up for the challenge. We have been in the locksmithing game for a very long time and more than anyone; we understand that the experienced locksmith is a species in danger of extinction.

So don’t put yourself in a position where you might get duped, scammed or ripped off. The locksmith trade is not without its share of companies trying to deceive you.


Some of our services

1. Emergency services

Whether you got locked out of your house, Locksmith Care provides an emergency service 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. In an emergency situation, rest assured that we would endeavor to be at your property within half an hour.

2. Supplying and installing door locks

Whether you just moved to Markham and you need the door locks, window locks and padlocks of your new property changed or you need an affordable precaution against burglary, Locksmith Care are professional lock specialists. We supply, install and fit all types of locks.

3. Access control

Access control systems are electronic security solutions to control the movement of people into and out of buildings. It has both commercial and domestic applications. The advantage: the security of an entire property is controlled by one system. And no keys! You never have to worry about keys again.

For more information about our services (or if you got locked out!), give us a call!

Locksmith Markham
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