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Did you get locked out of your house? Did you get locked out of your apartment? What happened? Did you lose the key or is it stuck in the lock? Or maybe you want to change the key of your house. If not domestic, are you looking for a professional and reliable commercial locksmith service in Etobicoke? Do you need a coded office entry system installed to completely deadbolt your business premises?  Whatever your emergency or security needs, you’ve come to the right place. At Locksmith Care, we offer a complete and one-stop locksmithing service covering residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Why choose us

Let’s talk a virtual walk through Etobicoke. Did you know that Etobicoke was formerly only a municipality within the western part of the city of Toronto? It only became incorporated into a city of its own in 1984. The name “Etobicoke” is believed to mean “place where the black or wild alders grow”. Etobicoke only contains 13% of Toronto’s population but the city occupies about 20% of the total land area.

We have the expertise

Providing emergency locksmith services, lock repair and replacement and full security solutions with specialization in the protection of people, property and assets, we pride ourselves on supplying and fitting all types of locks. We are a team of dedicated locksmiths.

We stay on top of our game

To make sure our reputation, impeccable service record and exceptional customer relationships remain unrivalled, we focus on continuous improvement and encourage innovation. That’s why our technicians are periodically retrained; We are dedicated to staying on top of our game.

We can help

Locksmithing is an exacting process. You don’t want to become prey of rogue locksmiths who may end up causing more harm than good because they are not professionally trained. In an emergency, you can rest assured that we will endeavor to be at your property within 25 minutes. We are also very competitively priced.

  • Whether you just moved to Etobicoke and you need to improve security around your home
  • Or you are a developer in need of mass security hardware upgrade
    Or you just got locked out of your house.

Call us. Our emergency locksmiths are available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We have everything you need and we give great advice.

Etobicoke’s residents deserve quality locksmith services in their area. With a population of over 365,000 people, with its diverse population, this part of Toronto has a serious need of us, so we are the right decision when you need trusted locksmiths Etobicoke Ontario.

In this neighborhood of Toronto live people from all over the world – Europeans, Africans, South and East Asians, as well as people from the Middle East, and in such a colorful palette of ethnicity, every home and business building needs reliable locks and locking systems which we as established Etobicoke locksmith experts are ready to provide you.

Among the advantages of choosing our company as a trusted locksmith Toronto Etobicoke from all other locksmiths operating in the area are:

High quality of service – low prices

Nobody wants to pay more for something that can get at a slightly lower price and Etobicoke residents knows us with our affordable prices. At the same time, the low price does not affect the quality of our work or the products we work with. We only use quality locking systems and mechanisms to be able to fully satisfy our customers’ needs. As for our work as locksmith Etobicoke Ontario – we are proven professionals for whom each task is equally important and responsible.

Fast response every day of the week

Characteristic of locksmith services is the urgency of the majority of calls. If your door is locked unintentionally while you are outside, you are the victim of a robbery or you are facing a sudden damage to the locking mechanism, we as a licensed mobile locksmith Etobicoke will be at your address as quickly as possible. We are one of those locksmiths in Etobicoke who work both on weekends and holidays, giving you security that your home will not remain unprotected.

We are a licensed and insured locksmith on the territory of Toronto

It is important to know that not all locksmiths in Etobicoke Ontario have professional accreditation and permission to practice this complex and highly responsible profession. This puts you at risk when you hire people with a doubtful past and morality. By giving free access to your door locks, you allow completely unknown people admission to your valuables, and company assets, relatives and employees.

Locksmith Care, on the other hand, is a licensed locksmith Toronto Etobicoke, entitled to practice this very responsible profession. Accreditation obliges us not only to carry out our work conscientiously but also to justify the full trust of our clients. You may not know, but people with criminal records are not allowed into serious professional companies, and the individuals who are part of our team have passed all the necessary checks.

Not all Etobicoke locksmiths have professional insurance, so when choosing a cheaper service, it’s important to know that the low cost can cost you very expensive. Sometimes damage to expensive components of the locks or any other part of the client’s property occurs. The insured locksmith Etobicoke company takes full reimbursement of damages, while non-insured companies can escape from responsibility and leave you with this financial burden.

A specially developed set of services suitable for private and commercial clients

Of our services as an established locksmith Etobicoke Ontario can benefit both private customers and large business corporations. Although the volume and nature of the services are quite different for the two categories of customers, their quality is equally high. We approach with respect and great responsibility to each individual customer.

Homeowners and tenants of this area of ​​the city can look for us in the most complicated situations – unintentionally locked doors, damaged locks or emergency locking of locking mechanisms. Business customers on the other hand can call us as a licensed commercial locksmith in Etobicoke when they need to increase security and control in their office or industrial building.

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